Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Optimize Your Website for a Chinese Audience

BaiduMany webmasters have taken for granted the concept that much of the internet is featured in English. While English has remained the language of business, it is not the end-all, be-all communication method when it comes to breaking into new markets and engaging with a new audience. There exists several reasons for broadening your exposure into a new market and language, and there may not be a better example of this than China. If you are wanting to engage with a Chinese audience, you most certainly are going to need to optimize your site to appear in Baidu, the predominant Chinese search engine. This article will help you understand what needs to be done on your end to be featured in Chinese search results.
Content in Chinese
In order to be featured in Baidu search results, your site will need to have some Chinese content for their crawlers to index. English-only sites are virtually unheard of on Baidu, unless they are a very large entity or otherwise prominent on the web. For those who are running a small-scale business, however, having an array of Chinese content is essential. When pinging search engines with Chinese content, Baidu will be able to index and thereby display your site in key search results based on keywords. You can still have a large percentage of your content in English, but a Chinese section will work wonders in regards to breaking into this new audience.
Domain Considerations
While the .com domain is universally recognized and used, Baidu gives preference to domains that have .cn or in them. Why? It relates very well to the aforementioned section; Baidu loves Chinese content and strives to index only Chinese content (this may have more to do with certain censoring mechanisms within the country itself than Baidu’s actual preferences). Regardless of reason, it is fairly simple to purchase and subsequently add on a Chinese domain to an existing website, so be sure to implement this in order to be in good graces with the search engine.
Tags and Breadcrumbs
Being indexed is crucial, so you must ensure that any website is properly tagged and has elements that allow it to be indexed and crawled with ease. Using both alt tags and header tags help make the key points of your content, such as titles and keywords, viewable by search engines and give your site a better chance of being picked up in search results. The same can be said for making sure that breadcrumbs are enabled, as well as using standard text links throughout the site. As always, a site map is a great thing to have in place for web crawlers.
Original Content
Baidu is even more strict than Google at penalizing duplicate content, so be sure that your content is in fact legitimate and unique. Whether it is in Chinese or English, Baidu will check to make sure that no other site has the exact same content featured; do not make the mistake that some do and simply edit small portions of content that does not belong to you. When pinging search engines like Baidu, the content is heavily inspected and may not pass muster.

Are News Based Articles a Good Idea or is Evergreen Content Always Best?

Evergreen ContentDevising the most efficient content strategy is something many bloggers, webmasters and businesses contemplate when managing their websites and blogs. Deciding on whether you will be using news-based content or static content is a tough decision for many and each method has certain advantages and disadvantages. For those trying to decide which way to go, we have put together a cheat sheet of sorts that explains each approach, as well as the pros and cons you will encounter. The final question is, “Which is better? News based articles or evergreen content?”. Continue reading to find out the verdict.
The Main Differences
News based content obviously covers news and current events, and is used consistently in content strategies to bring in new visitors to a blog or site. Within the category of news based content, there are websites that cover virtually every niche: sports, entertainment, politics and technology are just a few examples of well-covered news based content categories. Evergreen content, on the other hand, is content that is designed to be reusable and valid for long periods of time. Many common evergreen content strategies incorporate how-tos and infographics as a way of pinging for SEO while also providing valuable content to readers.
Advantages of News Based Articles
The biggest advantage to utilizing a news based article approach is that you can consistently attract new readers – and in the process, convert many into loyal readers. While each piece of content in and of itself does not have a particularly long shelf life, the strategy of constantly creating short summaries of ongoing events does give your site the benefit of providing new information constantly. This approach means that virtually everyone will find something of interest on your website at some point or another. Developing a strong marketing strategy to reach out to these individuals will help you maximize potential.
Advantages of Evergreen Content
When adopting an evergreen content strategy, the biggest benefit comes in knowing that your content will continue to be valid for long periods of time. Depending on the subject, some evergreen content may need occasional updating, but the general premise is to cover subjects that do not change in their premise. This content method helps bloggers and webmasters create content that can be used time and time again in marketing campaigns and can be a passive source of traffic to the site if you are pinging for SEO. Evergreen content typically has minimal maintenance required, making it the more popular of the two.
It really depends on what you seek from your site when selecting a particular content strategy. Those who prefer a more laid back experience while also earning passive income will select evergreen content as their favourite. If, however, you wish to ride the waves of the latest trends and capitalize upon their success, news based content can be much more lucrative – but as mentioned, requires much more attention. Knowing this, proactive bloggers and webmasters will find more success in news based content, while multitasking content creators will prefer the simplicity of evergreen content.

LinkedIn SEO Tricks to Help Raise Your Profile Rank

Linkedin SEOCountless business professionals have flocked to LinkedIn as a place where like-minded people can interact, network and likewise increase their clout in the business world. Whether it is in the pursuit of a new career or in search of a new solution for a particular business objective, LinkedIn has the largest gathering of professionals online than any other outlet on the planet. LinkedIn profiles have a dual function: they help people find you within the confines of LinkedIn, but they also are displayed in certain search results. For those wishing to raise their profile rank and appear more prominently in search results, continue reading to find out how to do so.
Give Your URL A Catchy Name
Each and every LinkedIn profile has a URL that can be customized, giving you the ability to formulate a goal in how you want others to see your profile and also what information is transmitted when pinging to Google. Rather than using a random string of characters, you can attempt to use your name, your company’s name or even certain keywords that will make your profile more likely to appear in select search results. This also makes it quite easy for people to use your direct URL to locate your LinkedIn page; they will either be able to remember it after seeing it for the first time, or people who have not found your profile yet may stumble across it via search results.
Public Profiles
So many users of LinkedIn want to be noticed by potential recruiters, HR staff and clients but ultimately fail to do one of the best things for recognition: enabling public viewing of their profiles. If your profile is limited to being viewed by only those in your inner circles, then it suddenly becomes exponentially more difficult for others to find you on the social network (actually, it becomes impossible). Make sure to enable this feature so that both potential contacts and search engines are able to view your profile’s content and credentials.
Smart Keywords
Using keywords on the internet to gain exposure is nothing new, but using them on LinkedIn is an art and must be done so carefully. The first and only real rule of thumb in regards to LinkedIn and keywords is to use relevant keywords that are applicable to you. For the vast majority of people, these keywords will pertain to the job or career in which you are currently employed or seeking employment. Most users of LinkedIn are not known well enough for the usage of their names as keywords, so stick to the outlined advice above when employing the usage of keywords in your profile.
Getting extra mileage out of your LinkedIn profile is simple and only takes a few steps. When pinging to Google the details of your LinkedIn profile, you can expect to receive more inquiries and job opportunities as your clout continues to grow within pre-determined search results. By filling out all the basic information fields on your profile, enabling public access, using keywords and creating a custom URL, you can leave a good impression and make yourself remember-able to those who find you.

A Marketer’s Guide to Google Plus

Google Plus MarketingSocial media is the latest element of the web to be revolutionized by marketing approaches, leaving many in the field wondering what they can do to get the most out of their marketing strategies. Google+ was a rather late addition in the world of social media, but has grown exponentially due to a large Google web presence and constant promotion of its existence through multiple Google products. If you have been looking to get more out of your Google+ presence, then continue reading to find out how you can optimize your social media to be more effective when it comes to marketing.
Google+ Circles
This feature is a unique characteristic within the Google+ social network; by creating the idea of circles, individuals are able to segment their followers into specific categories such as ‘Friends’, ‘Business’, ‘Acquaintances’ and any other group the user can devise. For those using marketing tactics on the social network, this concept is wonderful. By having the ability to group and subsequently micro-target specific individuals with your marketing efforts, you can have a unique approach for each type of follower your Google+ profile or page, pinging the networks individually with specialized content. With customized messaging options built directly into the platform, Google+ is a natural marketing tool.
Google+ Profiles
The centrepiece of any marketing effort is your Google+ Profile, which can be utilized either as an individual profile or a branded business page. Within the first six months of unveiling business pages, Google+ saw more than one million profiles created; those who were seeking to expand their brand’s exposure through social networking certainly saw the marketing potential in this powerful tool. Not only do these pages offer the ability for webmasters to intricately detail the offerings of their brand, but can also be used on the back-end by administrators to analyse dozens of metrics, giving you full understanding of how much effect your marketing strategies are having on the network.
Google+ Mobile
With options to share events around you on the go and display your current location, Google+ allows marketing strategists to constantly be pinging the networks and circles that follow their pages and profiles. Your followers can even check in at locations you have suggested or posted, giving you an element of creativity in marketing (example: encourage your followers to check-in at a given location in exchange for a discount or reward). With nearly 20% of all web traffic now coming via mobile devices, it only makes sense to develop a marketing strategy around it – and Google+ is fully versatile in this approach.
Built to be a premium, end-all be-all solution to social media, Google+ has many elements integrated that make it a marketer’s dream. With a very established base of users, excellent access to analytics and a platform that is intuitive both for followers and administrators, Google+ may be the best platform out there on which to begin any new marketing strategy. Best of all, it does not cost anything to try it out: there is no need to wait any longer to begin your new marketing strategy with Google!

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Positive Brand Image

The Golden BrandBuilding a brand via the internet can be a challenging task for those who have never had first-hand experience in doing so. Between knowing where to begin, what to acquire in terms of intellectual property and how to maintain your presence in a positive light, the process can be nerve wracking for many. Fortunately, creating a positive brand image online utilizes some of the same basic tactics anyone would use in the physical world, but with slight twists. We will walk you through the process of beginning to build your brand image in a way that suits both the desires of your brand and your business.
Build A Website
The first act of establishing an online brand image is to construct a traditional website. While some say that the future is within social media, having a website is crucial for many reasons: not everyone uses social media, and you do not want to miss out on potential opportunities. Likewise, you can always share your social media connections by pinging your website with plugins to allow individuals access to them. It is through the website that you will wish to have clear, professional logos that symbolize your business, in conjunction with simple navigation and (if applicable) customer options that makes using your website easy and remember-able.
Buy Up Domains
Before you can deploy your website, you will need hosting and a domain name ( that users will use to find their way to your site. The mistake many businesses make is that they buy just one domain name. The reality is that you can have multiple domain names redirecting to the same site, or establish unique websites for each domain that showcase different angles of a brand. It never hurts to have multiple domain names, as this will help you be found easier and will prevent malicious competitors from attempting to masquerade as your business in the aims of either earning your customers’ business or otherwise denigrating your brand’s positive image.
Use Social Media
There is no better way to maintain an intimate connection with your followers than by expanding your brand’s presence to social media. Those who use social media to highlight their brand, product or company can expect up to twice the amount of exposure as they would otherwise get with just a traditional website. By pinging your website’s latest updates to all of your social media outlets, you can be sure that everyone with whom you are connected is able to view and interact with your brand. You also want to make sure to carry over any logos and imagery to make sure that your social media pages stand out and are easily recognizable in status feeds.
Create Blogs
Having a blog for your brand is great for providing information and thus associating your brand as a valuable contributor in whatever field of interest it is based. Some brands create various blogs that cover different details of the brand: one may speak about its community outreach, while another may focus on product offerings and promotions. If you can create enough content to maintain multiple blogs about your brand, then you absolutely must consider deploying as many blogs as you can handle.

Twitter Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Twitter Marketing MistakesMarketing via social media has become all the rage as of late, offering virtually anyone the ability to micro-target and reach anyone else who is using the same platform – all while being incredibly affordable. Twitter has been shown to have the most effective marketing platform in terms of click through rate, so it is just common sense that more and more people are using it in order to reach their niche audiences. Still, mistakes can be made when utilizing a marketing campaign on Twitter; one wrong move and you can cause serious damage. The following will help you to avoid making the most common marketing mistakes when using the Twitter platform.
Winging It
If you have not sat down and devised a precise marketing strategy with multiple ad variations, different target audiences and a clear, concise theme: stop! One of the biggest mistakes that Twitter marketers make is putting together an ad campaign on the fly, using the first decent imagery and text that comes to mind. These strategies need to be mulled over thoroughly by everyone involved with the project who handles aspects of marketing, followed by a small test batch of advertising that does not allow a potential negatively-perceived advertising campaign to go viral.
Marketing to A Large Audience
Before you start pinging the servers of Twitter with an array of new advertisements, you will want to make sure that you are effectively targeting who will be seeing these ads. Research shows that targeted advertising can have anywhere from three to five times the click through rate of a traditional, blanketed advertising campaign. By targeting your audience, you will be able to spend less money and get more for the investment. By doing the opposite, you will end up with empty pockets, ads being shown to people who are not interested and a very, very poor return on investment.
Failing to Use Social Media
Any advertising campaign via Twitter must have elements of social media incorporated into it. You will want to be sure to be active daily, so that you can respond to any comments or criticisms that arise as a result of your marketing. It is also a great idea to ensure that you are broadcasting the URLs of other social media hubs you control via Twitter so that if individuals find your Twitter feed, they have the opportunity to like or follow you elsewhere. By being connected as much as possible, your marketing strategy will come full circle and constantly be pinging the servers of not just Twitter, but also sending traffic to your other social networks as well. If it is disconnected and fragmented, then the ripple effects associated with marketing will not be there.
Not Advertising to Customers
After running a few successful advertising campaigns to a select audience, you may begin to think that the “gold mine” is tapped and that there is no more you can achieve by advertising to these individuals. Wrong! When you look at some of the biggest companies in the world, they consistently promote their product to people who are fully aware of and use their products quite often. By making consistent impressions upon a given group, you help to build brand loyalty. Doing so via Twitter with your advertising campaign is no different.

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