Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Help me if you see this

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Jion in Possible

How Can Google Plus Communities Be Used to Boost Your SEO?

Google Plus CommunitiesWith the evolution of social networks and its movement to the forefront of online communication, many businesses and websites feel overwhelmed at maintaining a consistent social presence across multiple platforms. Nevertheless, building a passive format through which traffic and business can be perpetually attracted is a mainstay in marketing and SEO these days, and Google Plus is one of the best mediums in which to engage other users. Google Plus Communities is a specific feature within the social network that can be utilized by you to increase exposure, but how exactly does it work? Continue reading to find out how you can grow your social clout.
What Are Google Plus Communities?
Whether you are wanting to network with family, friends or in this case, users and customers of your website and business, Google Plus Communities function in many ways as Facebook Groups do. The one key difference is that Google intertwines elements of theirs into search results. Communities allow for sharing of multimedia, video conferencing and can be configured to be either public or private. Many communities already exist for various interests and are publicly viewable, unless otherwise determined by the community admin. With an array of customizations available, you can create a discussion format that caters to your visitors and keeps them in the loop on current developments.
Instant Indexing
Google is constantly pinging sites for new information so that it can update the changes in its search results. The main goal of SEO is to have search engines update your content frequently and find it favourable. With Google Plus Communities, you have the advantage of being viewed both favourably and instantly by Google’s search elements. Communities are indexed and shown in select search results, giving you more exposure. When you establish a community on Google Plus, you can rest assured that all content within its existence will be picked up and displayed by Google in select search results.
Brand Awareness
Google Plus communities can be built with brand awareness in mind – how many times have we wished to reach out to new people but are not share how to do so? By creating a community for your brand and promoting its benefits, you can attract others who will be interested in its applications. Likewise, offering special benefits and discounts via the community is another great way to convince people to join up – particularly existing or recurring customers and visitors. You can amplify the effect this will have by pinging sites that you own with information about the newly-formed community, giving it a larger audience.
Increased Linkage
Another great benefit of Google Plus communities is that you will build up valuable networking connections that bring more and more people into your realm of influence. By commenting and discussing various elements on others’ profiles and communities, you can help attract those in your niche to check our your community as well. This has a snowballing effect, and before long you will be attracting new members, customers and visitors without much effort. In the beginning, though, it is important that you remain proactive in reaching out to those who share similar interests in order to get that growth started.

Learning Lessons from Three Basic Metrics – How to Grow Your Social Media Through Responding

Social MediaIn the world of social media, there are dozens of unique metrics that can be used to determine various levels of progress: some focus on visibility, while others are more concentrated on the rate at which their content goes viral. Each social campaign may have its own unique strategy and goals, but ultimately, some metrics are universal in determining success. Some metrics systems try to combine all the data into a simplified number or rating, but this does not do your social campaign any justice in determining strengths and weaknesses. Below, we have outlined three important metrics that should be considered for any and all campaigns, helping you to be aware of your growing (or shrinking) social presence.
Your Response Time
Customers, clients and followers of your brand expect to receive prompt feedback regarding their questions, comments or complaints. In many cases, a potentially bad situation can be rectified through simple attentiveness to the problem at hand. Rather than allowing those problems to go unsolved and in the process have criticisms pinging search engines, you should be attempting to have the lowest average response time possible. Simply put, this is an aggregate of all of your important messages and the average amount of time it took for you or someone with your brand to respond.
Your Response Rate
The best way to leave a bad impression is by leaving no impression at all – namely, by failing to respond to a message that would be deemed important by both yourself and the sender. Sometimes, people have simple questions about your brand that they would like answered. When you fail to respond, you leave an impression that the brand itself does not care about outside opinion or questions. Your response rate should include all important messages (the same as the response time metric) and your rate is simply determined by the number of messages you or your brand responded to out of those within a pre-determined period of time.
Your Rates Compared Against the Competition
Some social metric systems like Sprout Social allow users to monitor and compare their response times and response rates to that of other social campaigns that are within their niche or industry. When comparing this data, obviously you will want these two metrics to be at least average, but preferably better than average. Campaigns that go above and beyond the call of duty will often find themselves rewarded with positive social commentary and increased web chatter, all of which will be pinging search engines with their comments and findings.
While many metrics may be valuable in discerning the success of your social media campaign, one of the most important ways in which you can be sure that you are doing your part is through monitoring your attentiveness to customers’ and clients’ questions. By taking a proactive approach, you can appease all those who have questions and comments while also defusing many volatile situations with irate individuals. Please, consider keeping an eye on these response metrics so you can be on top of your social media empire and be ready to handle the next big challenge.